Electronic asset development

Electronic asset development (ERA) is Gazprom Neft's IT project development strategy for exploration and production covering all major areas of operations: geological exploration, geology, field facilities, development and production.

Electronic asset development

It started in 2012, and in 2014 it was included in the Technology Strategy of the Exploration & Production Block at Gazprom Neft as one of its priorities. The strategy is being brought up to date in 2018 in line with the latest digital trends in order to meet the current operational and business objectives of Gazprom Neft's business units. Digital transformation of the Company’s operational and business processes by means of Industry 4.0 technology is a priority. 

Software products that are created under the ERA program not only meet the needs in certain areas, but also form the Exploration and Production Block's single digital ecosystem ensuring the integrity of decision-making throughout the asset value chain. 

Complementary tools made available at the design stage of information systems, also bearing in mind the starting projects, help minimize integration problems and ensure rapid integration of software products into operational activities.

To date, more than 30 projects have been successfully completed under the program, and about 40 projects are work in progress. 

The year 2014 saw the introduction of the Geomate software, or the Geologist’s Digital Workplace, to analyze, process and integrate the existing geological and geophysical field data in a decision making model. The program enables the user to minimize routine procedures and focus on the analytical component of building accurate geological models. 

The program made it possible to expedite the process of building and updating the geological models to make effective decisions on the location of wells to be drilled, the amount of recoverable reserves and the area geological changes based on new data. This platform provides the basis for unique tools for meeting technological challenges facing the Company, e.g. the spectral analysis technology for modeling complex heterogeneous reservoirs.