Long-term infrastructure development program

Building the infrastructure is the critical component of the work flow as the field goes into commercial production, and it is one of the largest expense items on an oil company’s balance sheet. In addition to streamlining the infrastructure development process, Gazpromneft Science and Technology Center is developing and testing innovative technologies designed to considerably cut costs and save time.

New-generation infrastructure

This part of Technology Strategy addresses the optimization of costs related to field facilities and the application of the most effective solutions for remote field development. 

To that end, the STC team is putting to test modular systems (compact, cheap-to-build infrastructure packages). Such solutions make it possible to mobilize oversize equipment to a field and to start working in a timely manner.

Such modular designs coupled with innovative, more lightweight and robust materials, and compact-size units can significantly cut infrastructure costs, and provide access to small remote fields that might otherwise be commercially non-viable to develop. 

The technological challenges addressed by the Program entail the implementation of new field projects, enhancing the performance of current assets and bringing small and remote fields into operation.