Some of the key technological challenges confronting the Company are modeling the complex oil and gas basins, improving prediction accuracy and efficiency for the oil and gas potential based on seismic data and enhancing exploration well testing.

radiation modeling

The Science and Technology Center's team is working on projects of improving geological exploration processes at different levels – all the way from the formation and reservoir to the regional level and simulation of oil and gas basins  spanning several regions.

Continuous improvement of technological projects will enable the Company to develop its competences in operating the resource base with complex structure basins, to harvest incremental recoverable reserves and to cut future drilling costs.

Here Gazprom Neft is applying radial modeling to planning and green technologies during seismic surveys. Special low-frequency processing and high-resolution spectral decomposition projects for acoustic signals are undertaken to improve the accuracy and objectivity of seismic data interpretation. This work results in software products built around the existing regional geological data and historical seismic data, which help optimize the seismic crew work plans and improve the acquired data processing and interpretation quality. Gazprom Neft  is heavily engaged in  the process of technology optimization and automation aimed at selecting the most suitable test set for exploration wells and core analysis. The particular focus is on the database building.