Well drilling and completion technologies

Gazprom Neft  has increased the number of high-tech wells (horizontal, multi-hole, and hydraulically fractured wells) largely through the use of innovative drilling technologies. Out of the total number of wells drilled in 2017, high-tech wells accounted for more than 60%, which is the highest figure for the Russian oil and gas industry.

Geo-Navigator Drilling Management Center housed at STC in Saint Petersburg is responsible for the supervision over the drilling of difficult wells across the Company’s field. It provides round-the-clock monitoring of drilling operations in the most challenging wells and prompt decision-making on adjusting the trajectory based on updates incoming from fields.

At the forefront are drilling and completion techniques for multi-bore-high-tech wells aimed at increasing flow rates, improving development efficiency, cutting field infrastructure CAPEX and mitigating environmental impact. Over the last several years Gazprom Neft has been successfully drilling horizontal wells using the technology dubbed the ‘fishbone’ in the industry. The well design features a series of branches shooting out from a single horizontal section, making it look like a fishbone – hence the name. Such wells allow an expanded coverage of oil reservoirs compared to a conventional horizontal well.