One of the functions that Gazprom Neft Science and Technology Center undertakes is to accumulate and disseminate knowledge about the most efficient technologies, best practices and lessons learned across the Company.

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The Knowledge Dissemination System (KDS) is a set of methodology and technology tools that helps coordinate the processes of management and exchange of knowledge in the oil exploration and production processes within the Gazprom Neft Group to solve technological and operational problems. The System serves to tune up the knowledge acquisition, storage and dissemination processes with a view to maximize the benefits of practices and technologies introduced at the Company.

The KDS was designed as a corporate portal with a number of modules that help acquire certain information related to various stages of oil field life cycle. KDS provides properly organized information on the best practices in used exploration and production. The System lets the user benchmark and choose the best engineering solutions depending on desired criteria and take into account the lessons learned when planning future operations. It also stores information on all the tests of new equipment performed by the Company, which helps more effectively introduce new equipment and technologies at any of the Company’s oil fields.

Experts from Gazprom Neft’s Science and Technology Center contribute the most to development of the Knowledge Dissemination System. They give answers to questions from Gazprom Neft personnel and build a large and structured database in a variety of aspects of the Upstream Division operations, which is available for all Gazprom Neft employees.