The rate of technological development of Gazprom Neft made the company one of the industry leaders. Notably, the share of high-tech wells in the total number of wells drilled in 2017 exceeds 62%, which is the highest among Russian oil and gas companies.

At the end of 2014, a variety of Gazprom Neft's projects aimed at improving efficiency of oil and gas production, development of new reserves and fulfillment of the Company’s strategic plans were assembled into a single conceptual document known as the Technological Strategy.

All the technological challenges that Gazprom Neft faces were broken down into nine priority areas that include specific projects with their prescribed deadlines and expected results.

In 2019, the Technological Strategy was updated. You can read more about the impact of technological strategy in the news below.


Gazprom Neft assesses the impact of its Technology Projects to 2025

Priorities of technological strategy