Research activities

Gazprom Neft Science and Technology Center, has been assigned to deliver the Company’s Technology Strategy and is actively involved in research activities: most of the inventions patented by Gazprom Neft were masterminded by the STC. On top of that, the STC deals with the company-wide management and protection of intellectual property related to petroleum exploration and production.

Today, the STC’s staff includes three Professors, five Doctors of Sciences and 82 Candidates of Sciences. This is the largest academic staff among all of Gazprom Neft’s subsidiaries.

In 2020 73 applications were submitted to Rospatent at the STC, including 28 applications for inventions, 39 applications for computer programs, and 6 applications for databases. 77 protection documents were obtained, including 28 patents and 49 certificates for computer programs and databases.

All the products developed by the Science and Technology Center have real-life applications and are engineered with the aim to address Gazprom Neft’s vital operational and business challenges. A sizeable portion of inventions and software products developed by the STC are covered by the Company’s Technology Strategy.