1. Geology and Explorations

Accumulation and refinement of theoretical knowledge about formation of various types of oil and gas reservoirs, studying the features of their geological structure and regularities of their spatial location in various geotectonic regions of the earth’s crust.

2. Development and Operation of Oil Fields

Scientific and technical issues related to the study, design, monitoring and management of natural and man-made systems for production of hydrocarbons (oil, associated gas and natural gas) and other components on the basis of rational use of the subsurface, environmentally safe and cost-efficient geo-technologies, reservoir fluid treatment systems and geo-technical systems designed for long-term and trouble-free operation of petroleum production facilities.

3. Field Infrastructure Engineering

The full range of survey, engineering and expert support services related to construction of all infrastructure facilities required for full-scale development of oil fields, gas fields, gas condensate fields.

4. Oilfield Equipment

The full range of industrial products required for the oil and gas sector including well drilling, servicing and workover equipment, exploration and well logging equipment, petroleum production, treatment and transportation equipment, pumping and compressor equipment, heat exchangers, tanks and their accessories, etc.

5. Digital Technologies

Digitalization of the oil and gas industry.

6. Economics and Law

Economic and legal issues arising in the course of professional activities of petroleum engineers.