Khasanov Mars


  • Editor-in-chief of the journal «PRONEFT. PROFESSIONALLY ABOUT OIL»;
  • Director of Science of Gazprom Neft;
  • Doctor of Technical Sciences;
  • Professor;
  • Honorary Professor of MIPT;
  • Honorary Doctor of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University;
  • Honorary Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Bashkortostan;
  • Co-chairman of the Supervisory Board of SPE of Russia and the Caspian region;
  • Honorary Worker of Science and Technology;
  • Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation.

Author of more than 20 software products; 5 monographs; 216 articles (papers); 61 patents 200 scientific papers, 5 monographs and more than 60 patents for inventions.

SPIN-код: 4553-6351, AuthorID: 528514, Scopus ID: 23008811400.


  • Petroleum engineering, design of oil and gas field development, computer technologies for design and monitoring of production processes.
  • Fluid mechanics, applied mathematics, modeling and control of complex systems.
  • Strategic management, theory and practice of project management, personnel management.

Major Scientific Results:

  • Author of unique modelling concepts, decision-making patterns, which are widely used today in petroleum engineering practice. For example, his algorithms of water flood management demonstrated a decrease in water breakthrough by 10-15% with an increase in oil recovery factor up to 5%.

  • Development of algorithms to assess productivity and determine the optimal modes of wells according to usual operation.

  • Creation of low-permeability reservoirs development theory using vertical and horizontal wells with extended and multiple fractures.

  • Development of the unique methods to determine the profile of the vertical distribution of reservoir permeability by integration of geophysical and core data with data on productivity and the nature of the irrigation wells.

  • Creation of dynamic modeling method of natural oil reservoirs formation (alluvial Genesis).

  • Creation of a new methodology for design and monitoring of oil and gas production processes based on concept of iterative use of a hierarchy of models of varying complexity, which allows to describe the system of "formation-wells-arrangement-external infrastructure" within a single integrated model.

  • Creation of cost modeling theory and work on development of new algorithms for cost engineering.

  • Pioneering the development of engineering tools and software products that were used for creating the FDP for the largest oil fields in Russia, including Priobskoye (one of the largest oil fields in Russia), Prirazlomnoye (the first Arctic offshore field developed in Russia) , Messoyakha and Novy Port green fields and a large number of other cases.

  • Creation of petroleum engineering scientific school, which includes the best scientific traditions of the Soviet school and advanced international practices. The followers of this school hold a number of key positions in the largest Russian oil companies and research centers.

  • Creating of a technology strategy version (1, 0) of Gazprom Neft in 2014 Implementation and development of a technology management system in the company. Formation of a knowledge dissemination system and a Center for Professional Development in Gazprom Neft.