«PRONEFT. PROFESSIONALLY ABOUT OIL» is a specialized science and technology journal of Gazprom Neft that publishes articles of the Company’s employees on topical issues of geological exploration and oil production.

Issuing a corporate trade journal is one of the aspects of further development of the Company’s innovation culture, an opportunity to generalize and spread the lessons learned, as well as another channel to help us inform our business partners of Gazprom Neft’s technology needs and objectives. The publication is prepared by Gazpromneft STC. «PRONEFT. PROFESSIONALLY ABOUT OIL» is expected to be released four times a year. The journal’s audience will include the Company’s employees, as well as members of  the scientific community, Gazprom Neft’s technology partners of and relevant universities. Electronic versions of all the journal’s issues will always be available in this section of our website.

Gazprom Neft is already beginning to use the methods, technologies and approaches described in the journal when developing new oil fields and increasing oil recovery efficiency. 

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