EAD – Grid and “Mechanical equipment” module

The “Grid and process flow” information system developed by Gazprom Neft allows storing in one database all the necessary information acquired from the wells, to include daily flow rate, pressure, water cut and other parameters. All the values are checked for accuracy before integration into the database. Before this system was introduced, daily flow rate and other parameters had been recorded in a special spreadsheet known at oil fields as the “grid”. Since this process was extremely time-consuming, the amount of data was limited, and there was no single storage of data relating to wells at all the oil fields. In addition to acquisition, verification, confirmation and storage of oilfield data, the new system can be used to determine well process flow parameters for a certain period, monitor deviations from these parameters, calculate well capacity and identify wells that require maintenance or process optimization. “Mechanical equipment” application, which is a separate module of this information system, logs performance parameters of all the downhole equipment and alerts on any deviations or malfunctions, as well as helps monitor equipment health.