Second Intake of Gazprom Class Started School Year

On the 1st of September, at St. Petersburg Lyceum No. 82 (Petrograd District) lessons started for students who entered the specialized Gazprom Class this spring. This is the second intake in the Class in St. Petersburg where the program includes disciplines related to the oil and gas industry and some teachers are employees of Gazpromneft Science and Technology Centre. The first issue from the Class was in spring of 2017, and many students who entered universities after that chose specialties related to the oil and gas industry.

In addition to the basic school program, in 2017 new students admitted in the Class with a strong focus on natural sciences will be taught specialized disciplines: basics of oil and gas engineering, geology, materials science, mathematical modeling in the oil industry, and applied physics. In addition to subjects related to oil and gas, the program will include courses on time management and the theory of inventing. In the course of the educational process, students will visit offices and facilities of Gazprom Neft and specialized universities.

Gazprom Neft Director for Technologies, General Director of Gazpromneft Science and Technology Centre Mars Khasanov said: “Here at the Gazpromneft Science and Technology Centre we encourage school students’ interest to engineering education and natural sciences. In the future, when these today’s students will become our employees they will have to find new solutions and technologies that are only science fiction for us at present”.

On the 1st of September, engineers of the Gazpromneft Science and Technology Centre held an open lesson where they told students about the modern trends in the oil and gas industry. They also told what specialties are in greatest demand now and what new professions will emerge in the future. After the lecture part, the students were acquainted with the company’s partnership programs with the leading oil and gas universities of Russia. For more information about the first issue of the Gazprom Neft Class visit.


Gazprom Neft promotes the strategy of setting up a School-University-Company continuous education system to development and support talented young people. At present, specialized classes function in the cities of the company’s presence – Omsk and Noyabrsk. The company cooperates on a permanent basis with specialized universities of Saint-Petersburg (the Saint-Petersburg Mining University, the Polytechnic University, the Saint-Petersburg State University) and Moscow (the Gubkin Oil and Gas University, the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology), take students to practice, trains master’s degree students at company-sponsored departments.

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