«Gazprom neft» to introduce digital model of Novoportovskoe field

Gazpromneft Science & Technology Centre is getting ready to introduce an integrated (complex) digital model of the Novoportovskoe oil-gas-condensate field that will bring together the three key data blocks: geology and development, production (including well design and downhole equipment), and surface infrastructure. Based on the simulation results obtained from the new model, a range of efficient solutions for further implementation of the Novy Port project will be elaborated.

By using this model, the Company will be able to determine how a change in any parameter at any stage will affect the entire system since all elements of the integrated model are combined into one structure and run on a single platform. This will allow the Company to make more accurate predictions of production volumes and make more informed decisions taking into account potential infrastructure risks associated with development of under-gas-cap oil reservoirs. In 2016 the Company implemented a pilot project in the Novoportovskoe field that proved large-scale integrated models being reasonable and efficient. First simulations with the use of the integrated model will be performed in August 2017.

The need for an integrated model of the Novoportovskoe field is caused, primarily, by the existence of large under-gas-cap oil reservoirs. Development of these reservoirs is one of the key areas in Gazprom Neft’s Technology Strategy that requires close integration of both oil and gas reservoir development technologies. While oil production mainly requires solutions to ensure optimum well location, design and operation, gas production technologies are focused on building safe and efficient surface infrastructure facilities. Besides, the use of an integrated model will help assess risks and find ways to optimize operation of the wells in the event of a gas breakthrough to maintain current production levels.

Mars Khasanov,  Gazprom Neft’s Technology Director and CEO of Gazpromneft Science & Technology Centre commented: “The modern oil and gas industry requires new and efficient approaches allowing oil companies to find optimal solutions at each stage of project development. Integrated petroleum engineering is the key to such solutions. It combines the field geology and surface infrastructure information into a single integrated system ensuring the use of data analysis tools, artificial intelligence and machine learning. All of Gazprom Neft’s new major projects are now started under the integrated petroleum engineering logic”.


Novoportovskoe field is one of the largest oil-gas-condensate fields being developed in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug. Its C1 and C2 recoverable reserves are estimated at over 250 million tons of oil and condensate and 320 billion cubic meters of natural gas (including the Paleozoic reservoirs). It is located in the south-eastern part of the Yamal Peninsula, 250 km north of Nadym, 30 km from the coast of the Gulf of Ob.

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