Gazprom Neft's intellectual contest attracts a record-high number of schoolchildren

Gazprom Neft has held the third final of the interregional high-school oil and gas contest 'Multiplying Talents' in St. Petersburg involving best teams from 10 regions where the company operates. A total of nearly 2,400 participants signed up for the contest in 2017.

The winners were chosen in the junior (8-9 grades) and senior (10-11 grades.) sections. 

Senior Section:

1 spot – 'Cyber Geeks team: Anastasia Verina, Artem Kravchuk, Alexander Avershin, MAOU (Municipal Autonomous Educational Institution) Siberian Lyceum, Tomsk
2 spot – 'Electron' team: Marina Mitskevich, Yulia Sidorovich, Maria Prigodina, School No. 555, Saint Petersburg
3 spot – 'Vo vse tyazhkie' ('Go for Broke') team: Irina Akatina, Anna Volkova, Alexandra Ermakova, School No. 1996, Moscow

Junior Section:

1 spot – 'Bam' team: Anna Ardysheva, Anastasia Gorbunova, Sofia A. [Andreevna] Trunova, MAOU  Pushkin Lyceum No. 1, Tomsk
2 spot – 'Grammar School 171': Daniil Yakupov, Daria Filippova, Maria Filippova, Grammar School No. 171, Saint Petersburg
3 spot – 'Morgengrauen' team: Valeria Vladykina, Alexander Alekseev, Georgy Muradyan, Esenin School No. 641, Moscow

Audience Award
– 'Tree of Life' team: Alexander Karsakov, Dmitry Lukin, Maxim Solodovnikov, School No. 580, Saint Petersburg
– 'Gasoline' team: Elizaveta Chekanova, Alexandra Chekanova, Anastasia Cherkasova, Lyceum No. 34, Tyumen

During the contest children made a research into oil production and processing upholding their findings in the finals before the jury empaneled by representatives of various businesses at Gazprom Neft. Assignments prepared by the company's experts included real challenges to be encountered by professionals working in the industry.

Apart from that, the final's program featured individual performance training sessions and guided tours to leading industry-specific universities in Saint Petersburg (Mining University and Polytechnic University), whose alumni are employed by Gazprom Neft.

In 2017, the contest was partnered by a member of the science community – Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (Polytech). The finalists of the senior section were awarded certificates securing additional points to be earned by applicants for technical specialties at this university.

The contest is called upon to endorse young talents, to give them opportunities to unlock their intellectual potential regardless of where they live, introduce them to the professional field and encourage their interest in engineering disciplines that are needed in the oil & gas industry. The project is run as part of Gazprom Neft's 'Native Cities & Towns' social investment program.

Head of Technology Directorate, CEO of Gazprom Neft Science and Technology Center Mars Khasanov says: "Today our industry requires innovative solutions as well as people who will move forward with those innovations. As the need for engineering disciplines is growing, we are trying to keep talented schoolchildren focused on them so that they might develop into new employees capable to make new advances in the industry."


* The contest hosted as participants schoolchildren from Saint Petersburg, several districts of Moscow, Tyumen, Noyabrsk, Muravlenko, Khanty-Mansiysk, Tomsk, Omsk, Orenburg and also settlements on the Yamal Peninsula – Mys Kamenny and Novy Port.
** As the oil & gas leader, Gazprom Neft is looking to high-technology production operations and launching personnel training processes across various areas: geology, mathematics, physics, chemistry and many others to develop skills as may be necessary to furnish analytical, methodological, research and engineering support to oil exploration, production and processing. The company collaborates with leading universities for personnel training, and also runs a range of social projects to step up educational opportunities for talented young people from various regions in the country.
Under the 'Native Cities and Towns' program, Gazprom Neft in conjunction with the Chebyshev Laboratory at the Saint Petersburg University is involved in the ‘Mathematical Progression’ project to offer support to mathematically advanced school graduates. The program portfolio has projects to promote science among youth, to kit out industry-specific and technical classrooms and train schoolchildren in energy efficiency. 

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