Gazprom Neft presents concept of Geosphere Research Center

Gazprom Neft presents concept of Geosphere Research Center

The company presented a concept of Geosphere Research Center to engineering experts in Tyumen. During the conference, potential contractors discussed the future project’s details with Geosphere’s management.

The new center will be an extension to Gazprom Neft’s existing research cluster in Tyumen Region. It is set to combine the company’s groundwork in the field of innovative reservoir evaluation techniques with digital technologies. In-depth examination of the core and its structure, nuances of interaction of oil, gas and water with the rock are extremely important to the effective development of tight oil. Furthermore, the center will serve as a training planform for the company’s specialists.

The complex will house an administrative building, a laboratory and a core storage that will be built in the eastern part of Tyumen. The building will become a dominant architectural landmark of the area and will fit in with its ultimate purpose: the façade’s design will resemble a geological fault.

The building’s interior will be complete with technologies like «smart office», drone technologies and various multimedia devices. The core storage capable of keeping 200 thousand running meters of core will be fully automated: the rock specimens will be delivered to the laboratory by onsite unmanned vehicles. The geologists will work on integrated workstations, where they can receive online well data while staying inside the laboratory. The administrative section of the building will have a show room where visitors can learn about the company’s operations and latest developments of Gazprom Neft’s Science and Technology Center.

The concept of Geosphere project was initially requested by Gazpromneft Science and Technology Center. Gazpromneft STC formulated the requirements for the Center’s functional design, technological outfit, automation of research processes, internal logistics, etc. The site’s design documentation will be ready in 2020, and the research center is expected to go live in 2022. Gazpromneft-Razvitie will coordinate the construction process.

The agreement to set up a Research Center in Tyumen was signed by the Governor of Tyumen Region Alexander Moor and Gazprom Neft’s CEO Alexander Dyukov at the Tyumen Oil and Gas Forum in September 2018.

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