Gazprom Neft and TATNEFT to deploy enhanced oil recovery (EOR) technologies

Gazprom Neft and TATNEFT to deploy enhanced oil recovery (EOR) technologies

Gazprom Neft and TATNEFT have concluded an agreement on cooperating in implementing enhanced oil recovery (EOR) projects, under a document signed at the 2021 St Petersburg International Economic Forum by Alexey Vashkevich, Director for Technological Development, Gazprom Neft, and Azat Yagafarov, Deputy Director General, TATNEFT, and Director of TATNEFT’s Moscow Office.

The agreement, which runs to 2030, envisages the establishment of technological test sites at Gazprom Neft’s and TATNEFT’s assets in Western Siberia and the Prizhvolsky Federal District. The partners plan to undertake joint investigations on using surfactants and polymers (polymer and chemical flooding) in EOR operations. Both companies will share experience and skills in devising strategies for developing in-demand oil equipment and services in those locations in which they operate, and are also discussing the possibility of establishing a joint venture to consolidate resources and skills in developing EOR technologies.

Cutting-edge EOR solutions are one of the most important development strategies at mature fields. Gazprom Neft is successfully implementing pilot EOR flooding projects that have seen the oil recovery factor (ORF) at one of its fields in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug-Yugra reach 69% — almost twice the average in the Russian oil industry.

TATNEFT has developed and patented more than 200 EOR methodologies, which are being successfully deployed at the company’s facilities and beyond. Engineering processed cover the full production cycle from laboratory investigations to implementation at production facilities — with all knowledge and insights generated from this maintained in a digital library.

“The oil recovery factor in international practice typically varies from 20–50%: in Russia that figure is around 35%. Chemical EOR can significantly increase efficiency in developing even very mature — depleted — fields. These technologies will, literally, give a second life to fields in Western Siberia, and launching the deployment of these is a task of industry-wide proportions.” – Director for Technological Development, Gazprom Neft Alexey Vashkevich.

“EOR methodologies are driving the development of the oil and gas industry: but in developing and launching major innovative projects directed at delivering a significant increase in oil recovery, government support is also required. Combining TATNEFT’s and Gazprom Neft’s experience and skills will make it possible to implement complex projects and solve challenging scientific and industrial tasks, delivering the maximum macroeconomic benefit for the country.” – Deputy Director General, TATNEFT, and Director of TATNEFT’s Moscow Office Azat Yagafarov.


* Chemical enhanced oil recovery (CEOR) refers to technologies that increase the oil recovery factor (ORF, a metric indicating what proportion of total reserves are produced from strata) through the use of various kinds of chemical flooding.

Gazprom Neft PJSC is a vertically integrated oil company, primarily involved in oil and gas exploration and production, refining, and the production and sale of oil products. In terms of production and refining volumes it stands among the top three largest companies in Russia. Gazprom Neft’s corporate structure comprises more than 70 exploration and production, refining and retailing enterprises throughout Russia, the CIS, and the rest of the world. The company operates across 110 countries, worldwide. Gazprom Neft’s filling station network currently totals more than 2,000 outlets throughout Russia, the CIS and Europe. Gazprom Neft is one of the Russian oil industry’s leading companies in terms of efficiency. Company revenues in 2020 were ₽2 trillion, adjusted EBITDA ₽485 billion, and net profit ₽117.7 billion. Gazprom Neft’s largest shareholder is Gazprom PJSC, which holds a 95.68 % interest. The company’s remaining shares are floated on the world’s leading international stock markets.

TATNEFT is a Russian oil company, dynamically developing activities in oil and gas production, oil refining, petrochemicals, a tyre complex, a network of gas stations, power engineering, oil and gas industry equipment, and various service organisations.

The company’s “TANECO” oil refining and petrochemical complex is the industry leader by various key performance indicators (KPIs), including a refining depth of 99%, and a light product yield consistently above 80%. The company’s refining and petrochemicals complex produces about 20 different highly competitive and environmentally friendly products.

The company is implementing a strategic programme to develop its filling station network, with more than 800 currently in operation. The TATNEFT Group’s KAMA TYRES business produces more than 400 tyre lines under the KAMA and Viatti brands, as well as its cutting-edge KAMA and KAMA PRO all-steel tyres.

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