Social investment 
of Gazprom Neft

Gazprom Neft carries out all of its social and charitable projects under the Home Towns integrated social investment program.

Home Towns program is an integrated social investment program of Gazprom Neft that seeks to improve living standards in the towns of presence and provide their residents wider access to high-quality urban environments, education and culture. The Company works from the premise that people in small towns have a right to enjoy the same quality of social environment as residents of metropolitan cities.

Gazprom Neft’s social investment program is integrated with the Company’s development strategy that places integrated development of corporate footprint as one of its essential roles.

Towns for people

  • Comprehensive approach to improving the urban environment
  • Creating conditions for a life of comfort
  • Building opportunities for self-fulfillment of residents
  • Making towns more attractive

Culture code

  • Not only a large capital city may become the center of culture
  • Stimulating demand for cultural events: a town becomes a culture point when there is demand for culture, not when its population grows
  • Contributing to regional branding
  • Forming culture magnets that create identity of residents, nurture their pride in home towns and act as local landmarks

Victory field

  • Contributing not only to the country’s health, but to its bright future in general
  • Fostering a healthy generation and building character among the youth
  • Building competitive regional sports schools and promoting goodwill of the region
  • Supporting national credibility in general and building a healthy, self-confident nation

New horizons

  • Supporting and developing education
  • РEqual opportunities:
    a child in a small town must have as many opportunities as a child from the capital
  • Promoting the quality of human capital: equalizing opportunities and providing a “high start” to children is beneficial for the region, as it improves the quality of human capital

Preserving tradition

  • Cooperating with and unlocking potential of peoples of the North
  • Integration of peoples of the North into the modern life and economy, while preserving the culture and traditions of their ancestors
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  • Assisting with managerial competencies