Gazprom Neft’s long-term health and safety strategy is geared to pursue the «Target Zero” through the deployment of advanced technologies, provision of in-process monitoring and development of safety culture.

Improvement of the industrial safety management system is one of the top priorities for Gazprom Neft. The Company strives for a continued enhancement of industrial safety, takes comprehensive efforts to minimize the rate of equipment failures and workplace injuries, and introduces the best practices and cutting-edge technologies in the safety domain.

The Company’s key safety enhancement initiatives include the following:

  • Equipment safety evaluation and bringing the production assets in compliance with applicable industrial safety rules and regulations;
  • Upgrade of emergency shutdown systems;
  • Emergency prevention and relief;
  • Industrial safety compliance monitoring;
  • Provision of safe working conditions and arrangement of workplaces in compliance with applicable national and corporate standards;
  • Provision of personal protective equipment to employees;
  • Employee health maintenance measures;
  • Comprehensive training of Company employees in industrial safety;
  • Study and introduction of best practices and trendsetting technologies in industrial safety.

Human life and health is of ultimate value, and we are convinced that no good results can be justified if they were attained as a result of safety violations and discord with the principles of environmental preservation. Building an effective industrial safety system is a priority for Gazprom Neft. Managers are always the first ones to bring changes to any company. Gazprom Neft’s top managers have personally committed to rigorously comply with the industrial safety requirements. I am sure that their example will urge all of our staff and contractors to rearrange the business processes and change the industrial practices and overall attitude to health and safety.

Alexander Dyukov
Chairman of the Management Board, CEO, Gazprom Neft

The Company’s industrial safety efforts are subject to applicable requirements of Russian Federation laws, as well as international and corporate standards on industrial safety. The fundamental document that prescribes Gazprom Neft's operating principles and obligations is the Policy for Industrial, Fire, Transport and Environmental Safety, Occupational Health and Civil Defense. It applies to all of the Company’s business units and consolidates the strategic goals, obligations and responsibilities relating to industrial safety.

See more on the Company's industrial safety policy on Gazprom Neft's website

The Company promotes continuous improvement of the system intended to train its employees in industrial safety. Besides, two departments of the Safety and Efficiency School at the Corporate University provide training in the corresponding disciplines using different training formats, from instruction courses to workshops and webinars.

In 2016, industrial safety was designated as a separate focal area of the Corporate University of Gazprom Neft. Two departments of the University’s Safety and Efficiency School provide training in corresponding disciplines and different aspects of health and safety compliance. To make such training more efficiency, they use different training formats, from instruction courses to workshops and webinars. The content of training programs for the Safety and Efficiency School is designed by Gazprom Neft coaches and instructors. The Company is planning to launch a coach training and certification system and a coach status-building initiative as a way to promote coaching in the near future.

A special evaluation of working conditions has been carried out at Gazprom Neft's Science and Technology Center in pursuit of the requirements of Federal Law No. 426-FZ “On the special evaluation of working conditions” dated 28.12.2013.