Responsible environmental management is a strategic priority for Gazprom Neft. The Company understands the social significance of this issue, adequately assesses and seeks to minimize environmental risks, and ramps up outlays in environmental preservation initiatives.

Strategic objective of the Company’s environmental safety and efficient nature management efforts include the following:

  • Reduction of human impact and maintenance of favorable state of the natural and human environment;
  • Prevention of environmental damage as a result of business operations;
  • Preservation of biodiversity amid the growing man-induced impact;
  • Efficient use, restoration and protection of natural resources.

Based on these objectives, the Company has identified the following business priorities:

  • Management of environmental safety risks;
  • Environmental monitoring and industrial environmental control;
  • Management of the emergency prevention, containment and relief system;
  • Commissioning of environmental facilities;
  • Delivery of the APG value-added use program;
  • Development of energy saving and enhanced energy efficiency programs;
  • Development of industrial waste disposal/decontamination programs;
  • Development of refinery upgrade programs;
  • Development and delivery of biodiversity preservation programs;
  • Development and introduction of environmentally sound technologies;
  • Staff training and development in environmental safety.

Seeking to meet the strategic objectives and discharge the Company’s obligations relating to the environmental safety, Gazprom Neft has set up an integrated system for industrial safety management, where environmental safety is one of the key aspects.

Environmental safety activities are controlled using the environmental safety management system that complies with the requirements of international standard ISO 14001. In 2016, Gazprom Neft successfully passed an independent audit that demonstrated compliance of the Company’s environmental management system with ISO 14001:2015. With a view to enhance environmental safety performance, the Company continuously improves its business processes within the management systems and coordinates with different stakeholders. This allows Gazprom Neft to consistently move on from damage relief efforts to the assessment of potential environmental risks and introduction of efforts intended to prevent the environmental impact of business operations.

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