Oil Production Technologies

Effective oil production management appears impossible without regular introduction of new technologies. When you develop an oilfield, the goal is not only to find a deposit and engineer the reservoir, but to find a way to produce as much crude as possible with minimum operating expenditures.

STC’s area of responsibility includes evaluation of oil lift to surface technologies and formulation of recommendations for the Company’s production units concerning the use of downhole equipment, development of regulatory documents, auditing of business processes and contractors, as well as staff training functions.

Development and successful replication of new technologies with intent to increase oil recovery efficiency, both at brown fields and at difficult oil assets, enables further growth of the Company.

STC is working on maximizing the cost-effective recovery of immovable oil at existing assets by distributing the best practices of production optimization, reducing the prime cost of proven technologies, as well as engagement and commercial deployment of new technologies. Specialists from Gazprom Neft's Science and Technology Center provide expert support during well stock operation and complex well jobs, conduct technical auditing of contractors, and evaluate compliance by production units with the Company’s standards.

STC also provides support during pilot tests of new equipment and technologies at Gazprom Neft's oil fields.