Gas Business Support

Gas management is an essential aspect of development of oil and gas fields. Delivering new projects without proper consideration of the gas component appears inefficient, which brings about the need for new solutions enabling comprehensive employment of field infrastructure for production, treatment and transportation of both oil and gas.

Gazprom Neft specialists work together with STC to identify the most effective ways of gas production at the Company’s fields, select optimal technologies of associated petroleum gas (APG) recovery, and secure reliable and safe operation of the gas infrastructure.

Value-added use of associated petroleum gas requires special, frequently customized approaches at almost each of the Company’s assets. Individual formation geology leads to differences in the makeup of gas, which requires employment of different technological solutions.

Field trials of various technologies offer new opportunities for a more efficient value-added use of APG.

In addition to traditional APG recovery projects at major oil fields, the Company designs, scouts and customizes various existing technologies for recovery of small gas volumes to enable the most efficient use of APG even at small and remote oil fields.

Today, STC is working with Russia’s leading universities to develop mobile modular units for APG treatment and utilization. These units are characterized by smaller metal consumption and higher energy efficiency compared to the existing solutions. The latest innovations in science and technology help the Company substantially improve various gas treatment and utilization processes.