Oilfield Chemistry

Oil production is a technically complex and multi-stage process. To enhance performance of oilfield equipment, producers use a variety of process fluids and chemicals, which are selected by oilfield chemistry specialists at Gazprom Neft's Science and Technology Center.

STC experts know which methods and chemicals to use to enhance operational reliability of downhole and surface equipment; they also know how to manage reservoirs for maximum recovery of oil from fields in different phases of development.

The use of special inhibitors during well operation helps prevent deposition of inorganic salts or sediments that may reduce the well flow rate or cause equipment failure. Other chemicals prevent equipment corrosion caused by high formation temperature, pressure and presence of carbon dioxide, and help extend the service life of equipment and reduce maintenance costs.

Gazprom Neft's Science and Technology Center never stops looking for and introducing new technologies that make oil production more efficient by taking into consideration the specific features of each individual oil field. STC specialists select the best chemical compositions for certain reservoir conditions and take part in designing new process fluid formulations.

STC’s oilfield chemistry specialists are authors of a number of inventions, including the technique of measuring the surfactant concentration in process fluids. This technique helps assess the quality of chemicals used at oil fields.