Seismic survey is an element of geological exploration. It involves examination of the subsurface using elastic vibration induced on the ground surface by different sources.

Basic stages of seismic survey include field work followed by processing and interpretation of seismic data. Interpreted data is further used to build the structural-tectonic and geological model of petroleum fields.

STC conducts a full range of seismic surveys, both independently by hiring contractors to do the work, with participation and expert support of specialists from Science and Technology Center.

STC successfully develops and introduces new approaches and technologies of processing and interpreting seismic survey data that help increase the accuracy of geological models and precision of reservoir properties forecasting, which enables the Company to effectively develop its petroleum assets.

Furthermore, STC builds and maintains the archive of Gazprom Neft’s seismic, geological and geophysical data from all of the Company’s fields, as well as provides the infrastructure for prompt and secure access to such data.