Examination of Core and Formation Fluids

Science and Technology Center initiates and supervises laboratory studies of the rock extracted from the well (core) and formation fluids collected at Gazprom Neft oil fields. STC is the single center of accountability and competence with regard to these activities within Gazprom Neft Group.


Core and formation fluids analysis plays a key role in building digital models of oil and gas fields. A series of tests helps select the best method for oil recovery stimulation. S

STC studies more than 9000 meters of core and 500 samples of formation fluids in its laboratories every year. Test results make the foundation for a reliable estimate of petroleum reserves and are used to confirm the formation geology.

By now, STC has developed and tried out a number of unique examination methods used in the development of hard-to-recover reserves. STC is working on enhancing oil recovery from salinated reservoirs, testing chemical and thermal techniques of extraction of high viscosity index oil, and running a number of studies for enhancing the efficiency of drilling, hydraulic fracturing and production from low permeability reservoirs. All of these projects are carried out with participation of experts in core and formation fluids examination.

Science and Technology Center developed learning software that functions as a neural network. The software contains a uniform database of core samples and slices and uses all the available knowledge about prospecting drilling to forecast the rock properties at new petroleum fields.

STC is extensively developing the technologies for modeling formation fluid properties that help choose the optimal oil production methods. After quality assessment, the results of laboratory studies are duly documented and incorporated in corresponding Gazprom Neft databases that were also developed by STC.