GeoNavigator Drilling Management Center (DMC) develops new approaches, technologies and tools to help improve the quality of real-time integrated geotechnical support of high-tech well drilling processes. The DMC also provides 24/7 monitoring of well construction processes at the most challenging assets of Gazprom Neft.

Gazprom Neft established GeoNavigator Drilling Management Center in 2012 The to handle the increased scope of drilling high-tech wells (horizontal, multilateral, and downhole splitters) after the large-scale engagement of hard-to-recover reserves and the beginning of development of new major deposits in the Arctic and East Siberia.

Drilling of high-tech wells is an effective method of stabilizing production at the company’s existing assets with a high degree of maturity that allows exploiting more challenging geological features. Advanced drilling technologies are also used to exploit unconventional reserves, such as the Bazhen oil.

As of late 2020, more than 80% of all the wells drilled at the company’s oil fields were high-tech. In this respect, Gazprom Neft leads the Russian oil and gas market. The resources and capabilities of GeoNavigator DMC and regional drilling management centers enable 24/7 monitoring, control and remote engineering support of construction of more than 1000 high-tech wells at all the deposits within the company’s business jurisdiction.

GeoNavigator DMC helps geologists and engineers coordinate the matters of drilling in real time and offers drilling support services 365 days a year and 24 hours a day.

Data from the sensors and transmitters installed at the drilling rig and directly on the drill pipes is transmitted in real time to the DMC and processed by a cross-functional team of engineers. Looking at the continuously updated information on reservoir properties and drilling process parameters, DMC engineers can make on-the-spot decisions to adjust the drilling regimes, well trajectory and introduce other relevant design changes.

Since the launch of GeoNavigator DMC, the efficiency of drilling horizontal wells through the oil bed has grown from 65% to 92%.

The future prospects of more effective engineering support of the well construction processes are closely related to the introduction of innovative solutions, including the new-generation digital technologies.