Sedimentology (lithology) is a study of sedimentary rocks and their genesis. The analysis of composition and structure of sedimentary masses is key to the development of geological models and plays an important role in building integrated geological 3D models of oil fields. Comprehensive use of lithological and petrophysical data helps more effectively predict reservoir properties and identify plays, leads and prospects.

Sedimentology experts at Gazprom Neft's Science and Technology Center offer guidance in laboratory-based core studies at all stages, from planning to evaluation of acquired results. This helps significantly improve the quality of surveys and resulting conclusions.

Determining how sedimentary masses and deposits confined in them were formed, including the processes of migration and accumulation of hydrocarbons, helps understand their present-day geological structure and lays the groundwork for sophisticated field development projects. This field development approach is used at all of Gazprom Neft’s new assets.

Sedimentology specialists at the STC were involved in developing a dedicated classification of the Bazhenov rocks and similar formations. Today, all of the Company’s projects, including technology development projects, that are to some extent concerned with the oil and gas bearing rock formation conditions receive expert support from the STC sedimentology specialists.