Development Planning

Along with the brownfield projects in traditional production regions, Gazprom Neft’s portfolio today includes a great deal of ambitious large-scale projects located in remote regions with poor infrastructure, such as East Siberia and the Far North.

Greenfields assets have complex geology and poor exploration maturity, which makes choosing the best development approach and the optimal strategy of field development in general a very challenging job. Chances for development optimization at the brownfield assets are rather limited, but efficiency improvement efforts are continuously underway at such assets through the introduction of new techniques and IT tools under the umbrella of Gazprom Neft Upstream Division's Technology Strategy. STC specialists design and introduce optimization tools for all the producing assets of Gazprom Neft.

STC’s major development is the OptimA system based on mathematical optimization algorithms and cognitive models. Drawing upon the permanent geological and hydrodynamic formation model, the system chooses the best solutions for field development. It also takes into account the intricate ties of economics, formation fluid dynamics and development constraints (physical, technological or infrastructure-related) unique for each individual field.

As for new assets, an integrated approach is employed starting from the early stages of development planning, involving the widest circle of experts. As a result, the selected concept of subsurface development is not only elaborate, but also integrated, which means it takes into account every possible project constraint with regard to surface infrastructure, drilling, oil production technologies, logistics, etc. This approach helps build a comprehensive understanding of field geology, find optimal development parameters and calculate the most cost-effective production levels and well startup tempo.

New procedures and software products developed in cooperation with STC experts have already proven their efficiency at such projects as Novy Port, Messoyakha, Tazovskoye and Severo-Samburgskoye, and they are at every new asset of Gazprom Neft to determine the best integrated development concept. These procedures and tools are being constantly improved and geared to new objectives, while remaining universal and being successfully employed at both new major projects and during operations at oilfields in Gazprom Neft’s traditional production regions.

When dealing with oilfields that have a long development history, STC specialists develop procedures and software that helps increase their development efficiency. These tasks include increasing the oil recovery factor, choosing wells for production stimulation activities, or hydraulic fracturing simulation to determine the most efficient fracture design.

A trend in the improvement of procedures and software developed by STC that is common for all the producing assets of Gazprom Neft is the introduction of artificial intelligence, i.e. algorithms capable of effectively analyzing the unstructured geological and field data. Such AI systems can not only augment and enhance the existing solutions, but also help reduce the time required to find these solutions, which is very important in tackling such multifaceted problems as choosing the best integrated concept for development of a new asset.