Conceptual Geological Modeling

Geological model describes the specifics of field geology and distribution of hydrocarbons in the reservoir depending on the history of geological evolution of the region and sedimentation processes that occurred in the area. This model can be used to forecast the properties of reservoir rocks and geological heterogeneity of producing formations, as well as to design the optimal process of field development.

Gazprom Neft's Science and Technology Center promotes the philosophy of “modeling hierarchy”, when the model’s level of detail and maturity vary depending on the tasks that geologists pursue. This helps better address the issues that may arise in the course of field development phase and make the integrated modeling process faster and cheaper.

Geological modeling helps evaluate the quality of hydrocarbon reserves and use this evaluation for approaching the matters of reserves rating and streamlined management of development from a strategic perspective.

Given the high level of uncertainty about the formation geology typical for the majority of oil and gas projects, STC widely employs the probabilistic modeling technique. It allows considering all the possible field geology scenarios based on the true data available.