Gazprom Neft's Science and Technology Center (Gazpromneft STC) was established in October 2007. It has offices in St. Petersburg and Tyumen. The STC has more than 1000 staff, including 4 professors, 7 doctors of science and 63 candidates of science. Chief Executive Officer of Gazpromneft STC is Mars Khasanov, Professor, Doctor of Engineering, Merited Scientist of the Russian Federation, honored research and development worker, Head of Gazprom Neft’s Technology Directorate. He wrote more than 200 research papers, 5 monographs and over 60 patents of invention. Mr. Khasanov is a recognized expert in the deployment of new technologies and research and engineering support of major oil and gas projects.

The key objective of Gazpromneft STC is to increase oil production through the deployment of new technologies and engineering solutions at Gazprom Neft’s oil fields.

Gazprom Neft's Science and Technology Center is the only such facility in Russia that collocates scientific research, development of oil production technologies and remote management of high-tech operation processes. STC continuously trains Company staff to employ advanced oil production technologies and practices. In fact, STC functions as a technology center, research institute and a university at the same time. This integrated approach helps STC minimize the path from research to development of commercial technologies to training staff in their application.

One of the units of Science and Technology Center is a unique Drilling Management Center, GeoNavigator. Using advanced technologies and equipment, the Company can remotely manage drilling processes at all of its high-tech wells in Russia and abroad from the DMS in St. Petersburg. Such high-tech wells make around 60% of the total number of wells drilled by Gazprom Neft every year. GeoNavigator is the only such asset in Russia’s oil and gas industry capable of providing simultaneous geological, engineering and technological support during construction of high-tech wells.

Focal areas of Gazpromneft STC

Gazpromneft STC masterminded the Gazprom Neft Technological Strategy and implements a number of the Strategy’s projects. The Center’s key focal areas include the following:

Planning and support of geological explorations;
Technical and economic evaluation of assets;
• Formulation of integrated concepts for oilfield development and construction;
R&D support of drilling and well interventions;
Development of oil and gas production processes and technologies;
• Development of engineering techniques and standards;
Development of IT solutions for engineering;
• Management of research efforts and R&D projects;
• Collection, updating and dissemination of experience and best practices.

The STC’s area of responsibility includes development and maintenance of corporate database containing oilfield geological data, management of oil recovery processes with the help of regular geological process models, as well as planning and execution of pilot projects to introduce innovative oil production technologies.

Gazpromneft STC develops, audits and reviews design documents to ensure license compliance. The company also provides staff training and career development services to Gazprom Neft’s downstream subsidiaries.

Gazpromneft STC had more than 900 staff by the end of 2016, including one academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, four professors, six doctors of science, and over 60 employees with candidate of science degree.

Gazpromneft STC offices are located in Saint Petersburg and Tyumen.