Enhanced oil recovery and production stimulation

The primary purpose of “Enhanced oil recovery and production stimulation” focus area is management of mature assets. The key objective is to understand the location of remaining hydrocarbon reserves and searching for effective technologies for their extraction.


Gazpromneft STC develops methods for determination of remaining reserves location. These methods help more accurately estimate the structure of a formation and its current condition. In most cases it is reasonable for development of hard-to-recover reserves, since remaining reserves are typically characterized by complex reservoir geology or unique oil properties. This focus area is also aimed at testing new secondary and tertiary methods of oil recovery enhancement, such as new hydraulic fracturing and flooding techniques.

Gazprom Neft has strong experience in using a wide range of water flooding techniques, but the company continues to improve the efficiency of this oil recovery enhancement technology. Some other technologies being tested involve gas injection and formation acidizing in order to increase oil recovery factor.

As part of the program, Gazprom Neft is working on a joint project with Wintershall focused on the enhancement of water flooding efficiency and development of polymer fluids that will reduce the cost of water flooding chemicals by some 20-70%. One of the technologies tested together with STC specialists was ASP flooding on West Salym oil field.