Development of under-gas-cap deposits

More effective development of under-gas-cap deposits (so-called oil rims, i.e. oil-bearing areas of gas deposits) is one of the priorities for Gazprom Neft. It may help increase productivity of the company’s large oil fields that are now at the initial stage of development, i.e. Novoportovskoye and Messoyakha. Furthermore, expertise and competencies for the development of oil rims are essential in order to initiate development of new reserves of oil fields that are already in operation.


While developing under-gas-cap deposits, many of the approaches that Gazpromneft STC has been successfully using at more conventional oil reservoirs of the company need to be re-defined. Large volumes of gas create a risk of breakthrough into the oil deposit, which will reduce the efficiency of such oil recovery techniques as water flooding. This is why one of the key objectives for STC is to identify alternative ways for developing under-gas-cap deposits that will help cope with such challenges.

A different approach is required for oil rims at the fields that are already producing gas. Oil reservoirs at such fields do not demonstrate adequate productivity, and Gazpromneft STC is working on technologies that allow developing them more effectively. Another task that STC pursues is application of an integrated approach for developing oil rims when formation geology and the field’s surface and subsurface infrastructure are combined in a single concept.