New-generation infrastructure for mature fields

Infrastructure building is an essential element of field operations, the stage when the field goes to the commercial development stage, and is one of the major cost items for any oil company. Apart from optimization of infrastructure construction processes, the cost and time to build infrastructure may be reduced with the help of new technologies that are developed and tested by Science & Technology Center.

New-generation infrastructure

The purpose of this focus area of Technological Strategy is to optimize the cost of field infrastructure facilities and apply the most effective solutions for development of remote fields.

In order to achieve the purpose, Science & Technology Center experts test modular systems (compact infrastructure solutions that are cheap to build). These solutions help promptly deliver oversized equipment to a field and adjust required operational process. For instance, last year Science & Technology Center tested a new technology of soft steam reforming for associated petroleum gas utilization. The tested unit does not require construction of any permanent facilities and can be moved to a different field if required.

Similar modular technologies in alignment with lighter and stronger materials and compact set-ups may help significantly reduce the cost of infrastructure and pave the way for small remote fields that have been thought of as unprofitable until now.