Technologies for geological exploration and resource base development

Development of new geological exploration technologies is one of the major focus areas of Gazprom Neft’s Technological Strategy.

radiation modeling

The list of the company’s major technological challenges includes modeling of complex oil and gas basins, improvement of accuracy and efficiency of hydrocarbon saturation forecasting based on seismic data survey, and improved efficiency of exploration well surveys.

STC specialists work at projects aimed on improvement of the processes of geological exploration on different levels, from a single formation and deposit to regional scale, and simulation of oil and gas basins located on the territory of several regions.

Continuous enhancement of technological projects will help build up the company’s competencies in managing of the resource base of complex basins with, obtain additional gain of recovered reserves and reduce operational drilling capital expenditures in the future.

As a part of the program. Gazprom Neft introduces the technology of raypath modeling during seismic survey. This is special software that uses regional geological data as well as results of previous seismic surveys to determine the optimal position of elastic wave shoot points and recorders.