Development of carbonate and fractured reservoirs

Carbonate and fractured reservoirs represent a significant part of Gazprom Neft’s portfolio. In fact, more than 60% of all oil reserves worldwide are located in carbonate reservoirs, and their share keeps growing, since the majority of new geological discoveries are made in carbonate formations.

Development of carbonate reservoirs

Even though the majority of reserves are localized in carbonate reservoirs in Russia, conventional terrigenous deposits are still preferable for development.. This is explained by the fact that carbonate and fractured reservoirs have a number of fundamental features, which include complex pore volume structure, significant variety of porosity and permeability properties, diversity of rock types, etc. These specific features lead to many difficulties in reserves localization, production engineering and field operation management. Water flooding of carbonate deposits is an irregular process, and conventional field development techniques do not allow covering all formation volumes, which makes it difficult to forecast well performance, etc.

Effective development of such fields requires employment of unconventional approaches in many areas, including petrophysical modeling and core analysis, application of specialized geophysical well logging techniques, non-standard approaches to geological and hydrodynamic modeling, etc. This technological project is focused on the involvement and customization to the company’s project portfolio of global know-how and expertise in a variety of spheres, such as geophysical surveys and data integration, geomechanics, object modeling, hydrodynamic surveys, well production conditions, and enhanced oil recovery methods.