Submit proposal on new technologies

Gazprom Neft Science and Technology Center is interested in creating innovative environment for developing new ideas and approaches in the technological development of the company. We are willing to consider all high-potential proposals submitted by developers in relation to the application and improvement of the technology solutions for exploration, infrastructure development, oil production and other lines of business of Gazprom Neft Science and Technology Center.


The projects implemented by Gazprom Neft to improve the oil recovery of current reserves, develop new reserves, and to fulfill the company’s strategic plans are described in one conceptual document entitled Technological Strategy.

Additionally, see below the list of the company’s focus areas. If you have proposals in any of our focus areas, you can fill in the application on the corporate website. We will get in touch with you to discuss your proposal and ways to implement it.

New fracking technologies

  • „Smart” fracking fluids
  • Fracking in multilateral wells
  • Innovation in fracdesign
  • Technologies for fracture development monitoring during fracking

Production technologies for oil rim reservoirs, onshore and offshore Arctic fields

  • New materials for field infrastructure (R&D)
  • Methods and technologies for maintaining reservoir pressure in oil rims
  • Technologies for management and control of water/gas breakthrough
  • Innovative inflow control devices

Oil recovery enhancement methods

  • Chemical and gas methods of oil recovery enhancement

Technologies for developing low-permeability reservoirs

  • Selection and use of well intervention technologies
  • Instruments for geological modeling

Energy efficiency improvement technologies

  • Energy-efficient equipment (energy management)

Technologies for carbonate reservoir development

  • Development management tools for fractured reservoirs
  • Innovations in fractured reservoir investigation techniques
  • Integrated modeling tools for fractured reservoirs

Non-conventional resource development technologies

  • Building models for Bazhenov reserves
  • Research tools for Bazhenov reserves
  • Technologies for efficient development and production of Bazhenov reserves
  • Oil recovery enhancement methods for Bazhenov reserves

Technologies for high-resolution geological exploration

  • Multiwave seismology, duplex and anisotropic migration, ЕS360
  • Geomechanical modelling of stress state (macroscale)
  • Advanced methods of sequence stratigraphic analysis and sedimentological modeling

Digitalization of production processes

  • Innovative approaches to integrated asset development design and planning
  • Geological study effectiveness improvement tools
  • Knowledge-based tools for development management
  • Data Science tools

High-tech well construction technologies

  • Downhole filters
  • Intelligent well completion technologies
  • Geomechanical modeling tools

Technologies for locating remaining reserves

  • Tools for analyzing heterogeneous formation development on the basis of seismic geological models

Integrated engineering

  • Cost management models (cost engineering)
  • Financial and economic models for oil engineering