Oil Production Technologies

Effective oil production management appears impossible without introduction of new technologies. When you develop an oilfield, the goal is not only to find a deposit and engineer the reservoir, but to find a way to produce as much crude as possible with minimum operating expenses.

Production Technologies

Automated acquisition and analysis of operational data makes the operation planning and development efficiency improvement decision-making processes much simpler. For this purpose, Gazpromneft STC helps develop a variety of software products that are later registered with Rospatent.

For example, Gazprom Neft completed development of a range of its proprietary information systems in 2015 that enable real-time monitoring of borehole equipment and help better control the production process. For instance, the “Grid and process flow” information system allows storing in one database all the necessary information acquired from the wells, to include daily flow rate, pressure, water cut and other parameters. Using this data, the software analyzes the optimal well performance profile for a certain period, monitors observance of these parameters, and identifies wells that need repair or production process optimization. “Mechanical equipment” application, which is a separate module of this information system, logs performance parameters of all the downhole equipment and alerts on any deviations or malfunctions, as well as helps monitor equipment health.

Gazpromneft STC experts have also designed operation manuals for the above applications that make part of the “Electronic asset development” domain of Gazprom Neft’s Technological Strategy.