Gas Business Planniing

Gas management is an essential aspect of development of oil and gas fields. Planning new projects without proper consideration of the gas component appears inefficient, which brings about the need for new solutions enabling comprehensive employment of field infrastructure for production, treatment and transportation of both oil and gas.

STC specialists identify the most effective ways of gas production, select optimal technologies of associated petroleum gas (APG) recovery, and secure reliable and safe operation of gas infrastructure.

Gas Business Planniing

Gazprom Neft pays great attention to the matters of effective APG recovery. Value-added use of associated petroleum gas requires special, frequently customized approaches almost at every asset of the company. Individual formation geology leads to differences in the makeup of gas, which requires different technological solutions.

When drafting the concept of producing asset development at the geological exploration stage, Gazprom Neft always involves STC experts to study the possibility and feasibility of using innovative technologies for natural gas production and APG recovery.

Field trials of various technologies offer new opportunities for a more efficient value-added use of APG, such as setup of gas chemical facilities directly at the field.

Gazprom Neft’s APG recovery ratio was above 81% at the end of 2015. The company maintains this ratio despite significant increase in production that reached 80 MM tons of hydrocarbons in 2015 — 20% more than in 2014.

In addition to traditional APG recovery projects at major oil fields, the company designs, looks for and customizes various existing technologies for recovery of small gas volumes to enable the most efficient use of APG even at small and remote oil fields.