Field Infrastructure

Stable, safe and effective oil production is impossible without reliable field infrastructure. Timely execution of appropriate technical activities, introduction of new technologies and employment of advanced approaches and materials contribute a lot to improving oil production efficiency at Gazprom Neft oil fields.


Gazpromneft STC experiments with all new technical solutions in field infrastructure and tests new equipment, alternative materials and technologies used during construction of infrastructure facilities.

STC specialists participate in evaluation and assessment of new major projects, provide support during startup of all new infrastructure facilities, and conduct assessment and analysis of operational risks.

STC experts are involved in all stages of field infrastructure development, from engineering to supporting the operation of completed facilities. Effective operation of infrastructure and equipment at oil fields helps extend the life of oil wells, which means it also affects production parameters.

Under the Electronic Asset Development (EAD) program of Gazprom Neft’s Technological Strategy, STC specialists take part in developing a comprehensive system for integrated engineering of field infrastructure facilities. This project has a major impact on the approach to assessment and analysis of field development projects. In pursuance of the EAD program, the company develops tools that allow estimating, early in the design phase, of potential costs of field development with account for its geology, expected facilities, possible risks, etc.