Capital Construction

Expenses for capital construction projects make a significant share in the cost of petroleum field development. Gazprom Neft is constantly looking for ways to increase oil production efficiency, including the use of innovative technologies and approaches to capital construction.

Gazprom Neft’s Technological Strategy includes a number of projects aimed at introducing new technologies in field infrastructure design and construction. For instance, success of 3D modeling technology has been proven at Novy Port project, and it will be used at other Gazprom Neft fields.

Conceptual Engineering

STC evaluates all capital construction projects of Gazprom Neft. One of its objectives is to develop a capital construction pricing system that will eliminate the chances of cost increase during the construction period. Optimization of capital construction expenses resulted in cost reduction of 19.1 bln rubles in 2015.

The second important mission for STC specialists is standardization and harmonization of capital construction projects carried out by all of Gazprom Neft subsidiaries. Introduction of unified corporate solutions helps speed up development of design documents and further construction operations. STC specialists also look for, evaluate and replicate new technologies that help reduce the cost of capital construction.

STC’s capital construction specialists are working on one of the programs of Gazprom Neft’s Technological Strategy — “Field facilities construction in severe climatic and geographic areas”. This program involves search for new technologies that will help speed up construction, mitigate risks and environmental impact, and reduce the cost of construction and subsequent maintenance of facilities.

Search for prospective technologies includes technical evaluation and assessment of benefits from their commercialization. STC provides support during field trials of new technologies and their further assimilation.