Seismic survey is a component of geological exploration. The entire pool of survey operations as well as the following exploration and production highly depends upon the seismic data quality.

STC develops new seismic interpretation techniques
STC develops new seismic interpretation techniques

As a part of their work, seismic specialists provide methodological and expert support in geological reservoir modeling and monitoring and are constantly looking for improvement of seismic acquisition, data processing, interpretation and prospective areas forecast technologies. Furthermore, STC employees build and support the Gazprom Neft’s seismic, geological and geophysical data archive from all Company’s fields and maintain the infrastructure for prompt and secure access to this data.

More than ten seismic projects are currently implemented as a part of Gazprom Neft Technological Strategy. They are intended for introduction of advanced and efficient operating methods and include seismic acquisition modeling (raypath modeling) to determine optimal acquisition parameters. This is Russia’s first “green” seismic project that helps reduce the scope of deforestation and promote operational safety.

On top of that, STC successfully develops and employs new seismic interpretation techniques to increase accuracy and informative value for more efficient oilfield development.