Drilling Engineering Support

Gazpromneft STC provides engineering support of various operations during well drilling, completion and repairs at Gazprom Neft’s oil fields. STC offers expert supervision of the entire process of drilling and well intervention, all the way from planning to completion. STC specialists also fulfill administrative functions in managing operations of subsidiaries that directly interface with drilling and service contractors.

Drilling Engineering Support

As part of its technical function, STC provides engineering support of drilling and well interventions (evaluation, estimation and optimization of engineering programs for safe and effective performance), as well as administration and procedural support of supervising activities at oil fields. Additionally, STC continuously works on increasing the efficiency of drilling and well interventions at Gazprom Neft’s subsidiaries, since higher efficiency plays a key role in securing strategic production goals of the company.

Effective administration of drilling and well intervention activities allowed Gazprom Neft subsidiaries to switch to a “separate services” principle, when the most effective method of work in major types of services is determined by the contractor, not the customer. This contributed to a significant reduction of drilling cost, while preserving a high quality of work even under conditions when up to ten different contractors had to be hired to drill one well. Internal supervising helped increase the well construction tempo, reduce idle time during drilling and significantly improve drilling efficiency.

Gazpromneft STC is also in charge of the company’s strategic development in the context of drilling and well interventions in accordance with approved priorities, which include industrial safety, occupational health, well-being, environmental safety, standardization, supervising, staff training and competency development, “Technical limit” project, new technologies, and management of contractor performance efficiency.

STC experts turn best working practices into standards, making them mandatory for both Gazprom Neft employees and contractors at all of the Company’s oil fields.

One of STC’s objectives is provision of training capability for employees of Gazprom Neft’s production units, replication of best practices within the company and continuous development of staff competencies. STC extensively implements internal training programs in the area of drilling and well intervention and carries out routine evaluations of technical and leadership competencies among its staff.

An integrated program for continuous improvement of drilling efficiency developed in cooperation with STC experts and known as “Technical Limit” has now been successfully replicated at the largest assets of Gazprom Neft. Moreover, a technological development program under the “Well drilling and completion technologies” domain of Technological Strategy was approved by Gazprom Neft in 2015.

Gazprom Neft has been the recognized leader in high-tech well drilling in Russian for the past several years. By the end of 2015, the share of high-tech wells drilled at Gazprom Neft oil fields exceeded 40%, which is a record for Russian oil industry. The company never stops looking for new technologies to improve the processes of hydraulic fracturing in horizontal wells. From year to year, it introduces technologies that help increase the average number of ports per well.