Sedimentary analysis plays a key role in building integrated geological 3D models of oil and gas fields. It helps identify how various sedimentary rocks were formed and how they are currently located in relation to each other, which of them can accumulate oil and gas (reservoirs) and which cannot. Sedimentation models are also used in the development of petrophysical models. All of this enables us to better determine prospective areas for development.

SedimentologySedimentary analysis helps identify how various sedimentary rocks are currently located in relation to each other

Sedimentology experts at Gazprom Neft STC offer guidance in laboratory-based core studies at all stages, from planning to evaluation of acquired results. This helps significantly improve the quality of studies and resulting conclusions.

Sedimentary analysis helps understand the present-day geological structure of the subsurface using the history of rocks formation, sedimentation and hydrocarbon saturation. This is the reason why it is used for drafting of integrated field geological model. Integrated geological model is used at all new Gazprom Neft assets as part of the integrated field development plan.

Sidementologists at STC are experts of Bazhenov Suite Research Consortium: they participated in the development of a dedicated classification of rocks from Bazhenov formation and its analogs.